Sunday, November 07, 2004

Another Specter update

Previous post with phone numbers etc. here.

National Review Online weighed in on Friday by urging that we show Specter "The Door...."

Deacon at Powerline and Sue Bob remain undecided. Also check out The Caretaker.

I recalled something last night for which I cannot find a link. During the Clinton administration, Clinton nominated a judge from Philadelphia for the federal judiciary. Her nomination ran into trouble because it was discovered that she had openly abused prosecutors with obscenity laden tirades during trials and had openly identified undercover cops during trials, thus exposing those policemen to physical danger and undermining their work. Despite all of this, Specter supported her.

One person Specter did not support was Jefferson Sessions, whose nomination to the federal judicary Specter helped block during the Reagan administration. Ed Meese described Specter's actions as "an appalling surrender to the politics of ideology." More crucially, Specter would not say recently whether he would support either Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia for Chief Justice. "I'd want to think about that," he says.

The message is clear. If you want someone like Thomas or Scalia on the bench, you can't count on Specter.

Nevermind that Specter's campaign rhetoric (attacking the Republican base as "the intolerant Right") is often indistinguishable from the Dems' bitter post-election hate fest.

Ann Coulter's analysis is best. The gay marriage ballot initiatives this fall revealed that LARGE majorities of the voters oppose gay marriage. Similar percentages oppose late term abortion. These issues are winning issues for Republicans. Specter is not only on the wrong side of those issues, he would block the nominations of any judges that were not similarly wrong.

Don't let Specter deprive us of our winning issues. E-mail the Judiciary Committee Republicans today.
Sunday night updates.

Scrappleface has come out with two excellent posts. Here and here.


A spokesman for the president said the Bush administration is still debating the question of "when a chairmanship actually begins".

If Mrs. Arafat chooses this option, her husband's body will be lowered feet-first into the grave. When only the head remains above ground, a surgeon will use a pair of scissors at the base of his skull to remove his brain.

Click here to Bork Specter.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has now weighed in also:

Arlen Specter has been many things in his 24 years in the U.S. Senate. An opportunist. A hypocrite. Arrogant. Befuddling. And he hasn't been much of a Republican. Now, add ingrate, obstructionist and master prevaricator.


Late Sunday update

Add Digital Brown Pajamas to the blogs weighing in against Arlen Specter.

We still have not heard from Michelle Malkin. We know she can have little patience for Specter and has posted many excellent items this weekend on other matters. Her voice would be a welcome addition to this effort.

Powerline remains undecided. Deacon feels that Specter's problem may be ego rather than ideology. We urge Deacon to read the National Review Specter history and Ann Coulter's April column. Specter supports Republicans when he HAS to. He won't have any more election year conversions. Whatever the reason for Specter's obstructionism, we can't afford to lose some of our best issues when Specter obstructs conservative judges.

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