Saturday, November 06, 2004

Specter update - blogosphere campaign

Click here for my original Specter post.

The story is updated today in the Washington Times, with a discussion of Judiciary Committee staffers' strategizing on how to skip over Specter for the chairmanship.

Much of the blogosphere, including Spoons and the Captain, have taken up the challenge and spread the story.

Others, including Powerline, Michelle Malkin and Truth Laid Bear, have said nothing, focusing instead on other issues. C'mon guys, we know you agree with us. Get on board before it is too late.

Once the Republicans name Specter as Chairman, we will have no choice but to live with 30 more years of a liberal, activist, Supreme Court. Imagine the pledge of allegiance being stricken as unconstitutional nationwide. Imagine gay marriage and partial birth abortion becoming entrenched constitutional rights despite overwhelming public opposition. Imagine U.S. troops and other American citizens being subject to the international criminal court.
Saturday afternoon update

I just noticed a post at Powerline that helps define the issue, although still there is no mention of Specter to be found:

. . . perhaps the greatest motivation of voters against
the New Elite is the habit of courts making rather than interpreting law. Example: Ohio, where the Mass. Supreme Ct. clearly won the state for Bush.

I agree that the battle for the courts is a winning issue for Republicans. Keeping Specter out of the chairmanship would be the most important part of that battle. If we surrender the most important ground on the battlefield next week when the chairmanship is decided, all of this talk about values will be meaningless. We will have the right to talk about values in the next election, if we start talking about Specter today.

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