Thursday, November 11, 2004

Power Line vs. O'Donnell

Hindrocket from Power Line will appear tonight on CNBC's Capital Report at 7:00 and 10:00 ET.

He will appear opposite Lawrence O'Donnell - the shrieker. I wonder if O'Donnell will scream "liar, liar" at Hindrocket. My advice (as if anyone is asking) would be for Hinkrocket to invoke the Swift Boat Vets (and O'Donnell's behavior) at every opportunity. Let O'Donnell know we aren't dropping the issue (of O'Donnell's behavior). Goad him into shrieking again.

Power Line is really the first of the blog spots to make the leap from blogger to MSM respectability, with their numerous TV appearances over the past few weeks and their (sort of) appearance on Time Magazine's cover. This opens up new possibilities and provides for an interesting discussion of the future of the blogosphere as a whole. More on that later.

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