Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqi elections - waiting for the MSM spin

It would appear that the Iraqi elections have been a success. Click on the Powerline links for the details.

It would also appear that the MSM is reporting the Iraqi elections as a success. The coverage on ABC and NBC this morning was generally favorable.

Before we celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief, we should remember the way that the MSM operates. The negative spin won't start right away. The MSM/DNC is biding their time. How long after the initial victory in Iraq did the MSM wait before their campaign of sniping began? How long was it before they started chipping away at the victory in order to try to make Iraq into an albatross for George Bush? This happened both after the April 2003 victory and the March 1991 victory.

How long after 9-11 did the MSM/DNC begin to abandon the national unity theme and start using the attacks as a way of sniping at Bush?

The answer in each case is a little different, but they differ only in degree.
- MSM/DNC waits for more bombing and American casualties.
- It awaits infighting among the winning candidates.
- It awaits anti-American comments and policies from the winning candidates.
- It awaits stories of irregularities or problems with the voting.
The news stories are already written. MSM/DNC needs only a few incidents, real or imagined, to take those stories to press.

Pay close attention to today's news cycle. Never again will the MSM provide such favorable stories (flawed though they are) about today's elections.

The story of the "failed Iraqi elections" will become accepted history unless we do our job over the coming months.
update - midday Sunday.
Click here for Wizbang's post and a Wizbang link to one leftist who says what the rest of the left/MSM/DNC wishes they could say today.

Michelle Malkin has posted excellent compilations of stories documenting the success of the elections and the leftist response - or lack thereof. Mark my words - the left/MSM/DNC is biding its time.

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