Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I couldn't resist this one. . . .

Many blogs have thorougly parodied the terrorist kidnapping of G.I. Joe. Scrappleface has suggested that G.I. Joe was rescued by a Bush doll, while Powerline speculates on the capture of Mr. Bill, Elmo and the Pink Panther. The commenters at LGF have posted too many examples to mention. TCS suggests that G.I. Joe was betrayed by slinky. [Hat tip to Harpist for the link.]

Powerline notes the tremendous propoganda victory this represents in the War on Terror:
The terrorists need, more than anything else, to be seen as awesome, terrible figures. If they stop inspiring fear, they are finished. So the one thing they cannot stand is ridicule. I would think that by tomorrow, their pathetic effort to pass a doll off as a captured American soldier will have made them laughingstocks throughout the Arab world.

In the spirit of the moment, I would like to suggest that G.I. Joe could be rescued by none other than the Ann Coulter doll:

I wonder what the 'Arab world' would have to say about that.

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