Thursday, February 17, 2005

Terri Shiavo

Sherri has alerted me to a blogburst that is currently underway to save Terri Shiavo. My understanding is Terri is not being kept alive by a machine. The court order in question would simply force Terri's parents and medical personnel to stop feeding her. Essentially, she would starve to death even though she is awake, conscious and trying to speak and move. Sherri has the details. Today, Terri Shiavo - tomorrow, your parents, your children or anyone else that the government deems inconvenient to remain living.

I blogged previously on this issue as it relates to the recent Clint Eastwood film and the deceptive advertising that hid its true message.

When the goverment takes over the health care industry completely, it won't even bother with the formality of court orders before it makes life or death decisions like this.

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