Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Joe McCarthy and the blogosphere

Numerous bloggers have pointed out the "meme" making the rounds of the MSM/DNC, to the effect that we are engaging in "McCarthyism" by exposing the false statements of MSM/DNC executives like Eason Jordan. Michelle Malkin provides an excellent summary which I will not repeat. Powerline also weighs in.

My point is not to rehash the arguments, but to make a prediction. It won't work this time. The MSM/DNC has always used the strategy of demonizing one person during every political battle as a focal point for their attacks. Anyone who opposes the MSM/DNC official position would thus be linked with "McCarthyism" or Newt Gingrich or Ken Starr. The reason that strategy won't work with the blogosphere is that the blogosphere is too big. There are too many of us. Powerline and LGF average almost 100,000 readers a day, many of whom have their own blogs. Drudge exceeds nine million hits per day. These MSM/DNC attacks sound too much like MSM/DNC is trying to blame or take on the whole world.

Their are too many "devils" for the MSM/DNC to attack. A mass movement needs a specific "devil" in order to rally its followers. MSM/DNC has many of the features of a tyranny-induced mass movement such as the totalitarian movements of the 20th century, but "bloggers" is not a specific enough devil. (Hat tip to Eric Hoffer). MSM/DNC cannot turn hundreds of thousands of ordinary pajama-clad citizens into "Joe McCarthy" for the purpose of rescuing their credibility or protecting their positions.

[And BTW, what was so bad about McCarthy anyway? If you haven't read McCarthy and his Enemies or Treason, don't bother answering. You will be outgunned by the facts.]

If they want to call us bullies, let them. Bullying is the only thing MSM/DNC understands. We should revel in our new label as bullies. STICK TO THE TRUTH AT ALL COSTS, but remember that being bullies will earn us more respect in certain quarters than the truth. Instead of "speaking truth to power" as leftists so smugly say, we will add power to the truth and bring them both to bear on the MSM/DNC.

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