Saturday, March 05, 2005

Update to MSM lies of 2005

I have updated the list of MSM lies of 2005.

One of the newly added lies relates to the PBS Kinsey documentary. While the lie related to one specific historic point, there is a broader harm resulting from the new found Kinsey worship among the MSM/DNC. Deb Schlussel wrote a recent column about the evolution of the porn industry (and all that it spawned) since the early 1970's.
Does “Inside ‘Deep Throat’” show us the advent of AIDS and other deadly diseases and cancers brought on by the rampant, joyless behavior spawned by the industry “Deep Throat” helped unleash? Does it mention all the porn stars who’ve been diagnosed with AIDS, some of whom died? The addicts porn created and the families it destroyed?


While it is true that the porn industry did play an important role in the ills of which Ms. Schlussel writes, more credit belongs to Kinsey, who led the way for the porn industry with his "scientific" studies and flawed reporting two decades earlier. Those who celebrate Kinsey today lament his premature passing before he could see the true fruits of his work in the late 1960's sexual revolution. Those who so lament make no mention of the ills of the sexual revolution that both Kinsey and Deep Throat helped create.

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