Saturday, April 16, 2005

More lies from the MSM/DNC - seal hunts and papal visits.

Either the MSM/DNC had suffered from attacks of conscience recently or I just wasn't paying attention. There seemed to be a moratorium on lying until the past few days. But now, the lies are coming faster than I can document them. The world has returned to normal.

- On April 12, 2005, a L.A. Times columnist made up a bogus story of how the Bush administration dispatched William Bennett to visit the Pope prior to the Iraq invasion. Just one problem - William Bennett was never dispatched and the visit never took place. The L.A. Times columnist made up the whole story in an attempt to discredit the Iraq invasion. Those elections in January must have been a tremendous disappointment to the Times. It now must lie about events from two years ago in order to maintain its opposition to our war efforts. I wrote in January that the MSM/DNC was just biding its time (after the successful elections) before it started its relentless ankle biting once more. The L.A. Times' opinion piece is just one example showing that the MSM/DNC war is on full steam. Hat tip to Daily Pundit.

- This week, a Boston Globe writer (undoubtedly hoping to stir up some old fashioned moonbattery) fabricated a story on a baby seal hunt in Canada. He not only made up the story, he fabricated graphic detail. Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin.

These items will be added as lies ## 22 and 23 of 2005. [The "lie post" is labeled MSM lies of 2005 because I created the list just before I began using the term MSM/DNC. I cannot change the title now, even though "MSM/DNC" is a more accurate term. Changing the title would break all of the links to that post.]

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