Monday, April 11, 2005

A new MSM/DNC lie - AP pre-writes the story.

AP published a story this morning that described Senate confirmation hearings that have not yet taken place. All such references then disappeared from the online version once AP was outed by Drudge and Lucianne.

This is the third time I have catalogued this kind of pre-write since the beginning of the year. See ## 6 and 18 from the catalogue of 2005 MSM lies. Today's story will be #21.

AP already has its mind made up and its theme chosen. Don't confuse it with the facts. Maybe this story will earn AP another Pulitzer prize. Maybe there should be a new Pulitzer category - "Best news article written prior to the actual events."

I think that if the MSM/DNC were honest, it would have to acknowledge that most of its stories were written prior to the events in question. This one just got posted prematurely by accident.

At the very least, MSM/DNC chooses its themes well in advance of actual publication. MSM/DNC has a theme in mind for each article prior to the actual events. The details sometimes get in the way.

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