Thursday, April 07, 2005

#18 from list of categories of MSM/DNC bias

The Schiavo memo episode shows how we are held to a higher standard than the MSM/DNC. It serves as a warning to all of us (no matter how low on the totem pole) that we can't use the MSM/DNC's tactics.

Let us briefly review the facts:
1) A court, with full MSM/DNC support, orders the slow murder of an innocent woman.
2) The Republicans try to stop the murder.
3) A Republican staffer writes a memo that theorizes on how to use the MSM/DNC's support for such murder for political advantage.
4) MSM/DNC falsely attributes the memo to Republican "party leaders".
5) MSM/DNC finds reason to celebrate when a Republican staff attorney admits to writing the memo, thus rendering the MSM/DNC less wrong than usual.

Just because MSM/DNC seems to get away with dishonesty doesn't mean that we can too. For decades, MSM/DNC controlled the information that the public received. MSM/DNC decided who got away with what. That is still largely true, especially in TV, Hollywood, education and newsprint. MSM/DNC lies will be buried down the memory hole. If any of us lie, MSM/DNC will invoke #18 on the bias list and smear us while pretending that their own lies never happened.

But take heart, MSM/DNC hasn't really gotten away with its lies. The events of September 2004 have changed history as far as news and information is concerned. While we must endure a little hypocrisy as a result of the Schiavo affair, MSM/DNC has seen its power greatly reduced.

There are some nice summaries by Willism, Attitude Problem (including a picture of Tom Harkin with Daniel Ortega) and LaShawn Barber.

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