Tuesday, April 05, 2005

An example of MSM/DNC "coordination"

The Pulitzer prize for journalism is probably one of the biggest shams in the history of mass media. Anyone familiar with Walter Duranty's famous NYT coverup of Stalin's mass starvation of the Ukraine, and the Pulitzer prize he and the NYT received as a reward, can attest to this fact.

Now, the AP has received a Pulitzer prize for photographing an ambush/murder by Iraqi terrorists against Iraqi election workers. Numerous bloggers have raised questions as to whether AP's participation at the murder scene was prearranged. AP was apparently tipped off in advance and maintains a relationship with the terrorists in question.

This atrocity is an example of "coordination" - number 6 on the list of MSM/DNC categories of bias. While #6 on the list refers to coordination between MSM/DNC and Democrat candidates, the same category applies to coordination with foreign enemies and terrorists.

The Pulitzer prize "jurors" are listed at Michelle Malkin's blog, as well as a summary of the bloggers who have written about this issue.

I would like to add another category to the list, but I hate to keep adding to the point of infinity. If I do add another category, it will be for fake prizes that the MSM/DNC awards to itself so as to maintain respectability.

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