Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sandy Berger, Associated Press and # 20 in the list of MSM lies of 2005

Yesterday, AP lied about the nature of Sandy Berger's crime.

The AP lied in stating that Sandy Berger destroyed only "copies" of crucial intelligence documents and that the originals remain in the government's possession. In fact, each of the three copies that Berger destroyed contained unique notes that now are gone forever.

Hinkrocket at Powerline said it best: "Obviously he reviewed the notes on the five documents and destroyed the three that contained information damaging to the reputation of the Clinton administration."

As in previous examples, this AP story is not merely an example of bias and spin (although bias and spin would be bad enough). AP clearly meant for the reader to believe that no harm was done. AP clearly intended for the reader to believe that all of the original documents (and their contents) remain in government hands. AP has chosen not only to lie, but to aid the man who weakened our assessment of national security for the purpose of helping to rehabilitate Bill Clinton.

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