Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another MSM lie - New York Times and Columbia University

Lie # 19 on the list of MSM lies of 2005 is the New York Times' assistance in Columbia University's coverup of abuse of pro-Isreali students by Arab professors. The New York Sun described the New York Times' refusal to talk to the complaining students:
In an effort to manage favorable coverage of its investigation into the complaints, the university disclosed a summary of the committee's report only to the Columbia Spectator, the campus newspaper, and the New York Times. Those newspapers, sources indicated to The New York Sun last night, made an agreement with the central administration that they would not speak to the students who made the complaints against the professors.

The Sun obtained a copy of the report without the permission of the university administration. Last night, when a reporter from the Sun came to Low Library, the central administration building, for a copy of the report, a security guard threatened to arrest the reporter if she did not leave the building.

I include this item as a lie even though the NYT made no actual false statement. The wilfull failure and refusal to discover facts is the same as a lie. This incident involves more than mere bias and spin. The NYT acted in collusion with Columbia University to conceal facts. The MSM/DNC has many ways of lying.

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