Monday, March 28, 2005

Roger Ebert - terrorist enabler

Debbie Schlussel writes today about Roger Ebert's efforts to prevent the deportation of an Islamic terrorist, Ibrahim Parlak:
Parlak admits he was a member of the PKK, the Kurdish Islamic terrorist group on the State Department’s terrorist list. But he deliberately hid that he was found responsible for the murder of two Turkish border police, a fact he lied about at least five times— in applications for 1) political asylum, 2) Lawful Permanent Status, 3) citizenship, 4) his restaurant, and 5) a Michigan liquor license. Had he been truthful from the beginning, Parlak would never have been allowed to stay in the United States in the first place.

Ebert and others want us to reward the lies of a murderous terrorist alien—hardly sound immigration policy.

Carrying an AK-47 and pistol, Parlak threw a grenade and shot at the guards who were murdered. He claims he accidentally “lost” the grenade but it didn't detonate, and that he “never used my gun.” Would that line work for John Dillinger?

The murders took place upon Parlak’s return from a Syrian-run terrorist camp in Lebanon, where he spent eight months and was trained in rifle fire. Training at those camps then and now are members of terrorist groups Hezbollah, HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, and a host others that tell a lot about the company Roger Ebert’s friend kept before he lied to obtain the benefits of U.S. citizenship.

Yet this murderer and terrorist is “not in any way a threat to the security of the United States,” according to newly-minted terrorism expert Roger Ebert. “On the contrary, he is precisely the sort of citizen we should make welcome.” Review a couple of terrorism movies, and suddenly you are a scholar on the topic.

I view this as another example of the Berlin Wall orphans
never missing an opportunity to undermine the U.S. and the West.

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