Friday, April 08, 2005

Pope John Paul, Peggy Noonan and MSM/DNC censorship

Peggy Noonan's most recent column describes the historic events in Poland during John Paul II's first papal visit in 1979. She describes the Pope's historic mass in Blonie field on June 10, 1979. In front of an audience of 2 or 3 million or more people, the Pope "took on communism directly, by focusing on communism's attempt to kill the religious heritage of a country that had for a thousand years believed in Christ." The audience response was overwhelming.

I bring this up now because there is a parallel between the Polish government's treatment of this mass on state run TV and the MSM/DNC's handling of news in this country today (and for the past 70 years):
Another crucial thing happened, after the mass was over. Everyone who was there went home and turned on the news that night to see the pictures of the incredible crowd and the incredible pope. But state-controlled TV did not show the crowds. They did a brief report that showed a shot of the pope standing and speaking for a second or two. State television did not acknowledge or admit what a phenomenon John Paul's visit was, or what it had unleashed.

The people who had been at the mass could compare the reality they had witnessed with their own eyes with the propaganda their media reported. They could see the discrepancy. This left the people of Poland able to say at once and together, definitively, with no room for argument: It's all lies. Everything this government says is a lie. Everything it is is a lie.

Whatever legitimacy the government could pretend to, it began to lose. One by one the people of Poland said to themselves, or for themselves within themselves: It is over.

Does any of this sound familiar? If this story doesn't remind you of today's MSM/DNC, then read about the memory hole (#8) and selective film editing (#20) in the bias category list.
Here is another example from the 2004 campaign.

Just as it was in Poland in 1979, enough Americans will soon realize that "Everything [MSM/DNC] says is a lie. Everything it is is a lie."

When that day comes, it will be "over" for the MSM/DNC also.

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