Thursday, April 14, 2005

Feminists for Jihad and against golf.

Deb Schlussel has written another detailed column relating to the latest Jihad activities on American soil. Islamic terror groups are now recruiting and using female suicide bombers. While some of these terror groups are supported by American feminist groups, those same feminist groups devote their efforts to fighting discrimination on the golf course. Debbie Schlussel has a history of providing detailed columns relating to activities of American Islamic terror groups, including political lobbying and special treatment by the Bush administration. Check out her page.

This particular piece reveals the following bias categories on the part of the MSM/DNC:

The Lie (#1). The New York Times refers to the terrorist women as being from New York City. In fact, they were illegal immigrants.

MSM/DNC and its feminist subsidiaries have engaged in a combination of #11, #21, #2 and probably others by attacking something irrelevant while ignoring Islam's treatment of women and domestic terror in the U.S.
update - Michelle Malkin has referred to domestic Islamic terror as a third rail of which many are afraid to speak. Malkin's blog today contains detailed quotations from the diary of an Islamic U.S. soldier that murdered several of his fellow soldiers in U.S. The Diary was read aloud in court at the soldier's murder trial. The MSM/DNC is silent.

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