Thursday, May 12, 2005

MSM/DNC lie #28.

The Sacramento Bee has obtained the resignation of a columnist that apparently fabricated the existence of various individuals that were the subjects of her leftwing columns. The columnist, Diana Griego Erwin, uses personal stories to promote the "causes" of illegal immigrants and vagrants. She denies wrongdoing in much the same way that Dan Rather denies wrongdoing. Observe how the Bee describes the story:
During our inquiry we found we could not authenticate the existence of several people even though they were identified by name, age and sometimes by the neighborhoods in which they were reported to have lived. We used extensive online database searches as well as old-fashioned shoe-leather work in our investigation over the past 2 1/2 weeks.

Griego Erwin has said throughout the inquiry that there was no fabrication of sources. When asked to provide confirmation, however, she was unable to do so to our satisfaction. She resigned citing personal reasons while still maintaining that her sources ultimately will be proved authentic.
(emphasis added); H/T Michelle Malkin

The only harm the Bee seems willing to admit is the "failure to authenticate." "Failure to authenticate" stands on a par with "fake, but accurate" in the MSM/DNC arsenal of excuses, euphemisms and spin that MSM/DNC throws out everytime MSM/DNC is caught red handed.

H/T also to Brian Maloney. Maloney was the Seattle radio talk show host who was fired in 2004 because he criticized Dan Rather over Rathergate. If I remember correctly, Maloney was fired during the 12-day period that CBS continued to defend Rather's forged documents. Maloney's firing was part of the CBS coverup. I could verify the dates by checking some of the blogs from the time, but I am feeling my own sense of CBS-hubris right now, and I am just going to wing it. If I am proven wrong, I suppose I can bury my own comments down the "memory hole."

Maloney questions how much of Diana Griego Erwin's long career has been based on such fabrications:
It casts doubt on many years of work, usually featuring heartbreaking interviews with unfortunate people, victims of a mean-spirited, right-wing society.

Newsflash - all of that @!#$* was already in doubt, as is anything that oozes out of the pages of the MSM/DNC. The final nail in Diana Griego Erwin's career is that she once received the Pulitzer Prize, just like Walter Duranty and the New York Times.

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