Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Debbie Schlussel exposes another MSM/DNC lie.

Debbie Schlussel's column today exposes the Detroit News' fabrication of a story that a terrorist has been forced to leave the U.S. In fact, the terrorist - Ahmed Hannan - who plotted to blow up an Air Force base in Turkey, remains in the United States. Millions of Detroit News readers and subscribers to the Gannett network [to which the Detroit News belongs] now have the mistaken belief that this dangerous terrorist is no longer in our midst. For some reason, that appears to be just the way the MSM/DNC likes it.

Ms. Schlussel shows how Detroit News' coverage (or lack thereof) of terrorism is tremendously influential throughout the Gannett network. The Detroit News and the reporter responsible for this week's lie have received first place awards for investigative journalism from Gannett. These awards came despite the Detroit News ignoring terrorism related stories such as the following:
- Terrorist lawyers, Richard Helfrick and Miriam Siefer, stole official stationery of then-Chief Federal Judge Lawrence Zatkoff, forging his signature on an accusatory letter to another attorney;
- Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (former Michigan Attorney General), when she was Assistant U.S. Attorney, stole official stationery of terror trial Judge Gerald Rosen, forging his signature on a letter;
- Terror Judge Rosen recently allowed terror suspect Karim Koubriti, under indictment, free to attend a National Lawyers Guild dinner honoring his lawyer, Siefer.

Ms. Schlussel has confirmed these stories and their spiking both from Judge Rosen and from a third party to whom the Detroit News reporter spoke.

That Detroit has a large Muslim population has apparently influenced prosecutions in that region. Political considerations have contributed to the sabotaging of several high profile terrorist prosecutions. See Debbie's column for the details. She will provide more detailed columns to follow on this issue.

This week's lie regarding Ahmed Hannan is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the Detroit News and the Detroit area prosecutions are concerned. I have been concerned about the Detroit area since 9/11. [And Debbie was sounding the alarm even before then.] The large and growing muslim population wields greater influence with every election. Their large numbers make it easier for terrorists to remain inconspicuous. Detroit's proximity to Canada makes it an easily reachable haven for more terrorists who seek to enter the U.S. and remain hidden. The Hannan episode appears as Lie # 26.

Debbie Schlussel.
Thursday update - The Detroit News has printed a slanted retraction, but still misses the point.

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