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Anna Nicole Smith, Lew Burdette, Joshua Perper, Al Qaeda, Abu Ayyub al-Masri and MSM/DNC white noise

Did you know that Lew Burdette died this week? Do you know who Lew Burdette is? Lew Burdette was the MVP of the 1957 world series. He pitched 24 straight scoreless innings over the Yankees (the team with Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, etc.) in that series. He won three complete game victories. He was a teammate of Hank Aaron.

Yet his death was relegated to a brief mention in the sports pages or on Fox Sports Radio. There were no features or interviews with Hank Aaron or endless updates on his death with absolutely no new information. Can this be explained by the fact that he did not look like this - ?

I think there is more to it than mere looks. Anna Nicole Smith was famous for no good reason. She was the subject of an inheritance lawsuit, she appeared on reality television, she was the center of tragedy in recent months, she was involved in a paternity suit, etc. But these events are not that uncommon anymore. In a world where the vice-President's daughter can have a baby with another woman and be greeted with yawns, Anna Nicole's life was quite mundane. Yet I believe that is the reason for her fame. The media specializes in creating celebrity out of nothing.

What does Paris Hilton actually do? or Sean "Puffy" "P. Diddy" Combs? They do nothing as far as I can tell. They are famous merely because they are famous. They receive attention merely because they have already received attention. Their fame has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. They are the celebrity version of political polls.

When Princess Diana died, television commentators stumbled all over themselves around the clock for the next few days trying to think of something she actually did to merit all of the attention. For ten seconds they would list her work against land mines and in favor of AIDS victims. After that they had very little to say. Today, the commentators have stopped even trying to find some justification for the fame. Instead of trying to summarize why Anna Nicole Smith justifies all of the endless coverage, the MSM/DNC speculates as to which drugs may have been in her hotel room when she died. [The commentators have also tried to contrive a Marylin Monroe analogy, but that analogy is pitiful, as Monroe acted in many, many first run movies with A-list co-stars. Monroe's fame was based on her acting.]

A modern Rip Van Winkle, waking up after sleeping since the mid-1970's, upon hearing the news coverage of the past few days in which the MSM/DNC continuously used the deceased's middle name, might conclude that Anna Nicole Smith had assassinated the President or committed some other horrific crime like other three-named villains of the past.

The Anna Nicole Smith coverage is nothing but White Noise. See p. 171 of Hugh Hewitt's book "Blog" and #21 in the bias categories list for a fuller discussion of how the MSM/DNC uses "White Noise" to drown out important topics.

As an example of how successful this White Noise strategy has been, do you know who Abu Ayyub al-Masri is? Did you know that he is the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq and that U.S. and Iraqi forces have killed or captured numerous of his aides in the past few days. If you receive your news primarily from the MSM/DNC, you most likely are unaware of this fact. The
MSM/DNC does not want you to know that U.S. forces in Iraq are eliminating much of the group responsible for 9-11. Any story that reveals our success against Al-Qaeda in Iraq would undermine MSM/DNC efforts to generate public support for a U.S. retreat in the face of the enemy that destroyed part of New York City.

Here is another example of how MSM/DNC shallowness results in missed stories. In watching some of the coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith death, I was surprised to see Joshua Perper on television holding a press conference. I recall Perper's term as coroner in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, which term ended when he was replaced by Dr. Sanford Edberg. The two men got into a shoving match in front of TV cameras in 1980 as Edberg sought to assume his office. The sight of two coroners physically shoving each other for control of the coroner's office was, to say the least, interesting. It would make an interesting sidelight during the endless, monotonous Smith coverage for the MSM/DNC to resurrect and display that film. Yet the MSM/DNC misses that opportunity because the concept of "memory" is hostile to the mission of the MSM/DNC. MSM/DNC propaganda depends on the public forgetting what happened yesterday or last year or 27 years ago. Even though Dr. Perper's history in Pittsburgh has no real bearing on the Smith case, the MSM/DNC cannot break out of its anti-memory default mode even for the purpose of finding some historical film that would entertain its audience during this nonstop gabfest.

Here is a final analogy and a prediction. The MSM/DNC cannot continue to operate forever in this manner. Eventually, it will be successful in destroying western civilization (in which case the MSM/DNC will die also) or it will continue to lose power and market share to the new media and will eventually cease to exist. But if the MSM/DNC were to continue in power indefinitely despite its silliness and its strategy to distract attention from the vital issues affecting America's survival, our children will experience the following:

In 50 years or so, Peyton Manning will pass away. Like Lew Burdette, Manning's death will receive little coverage (despite his accomplishments in our own era).

In 30 years, a woman will be born - it does not matter who she is. By a combination of luck, looks, scandal and publicity stunts, she will eventually become famous despite having no actual career or accomplishments. Her exploits as a 20+ year old will eclipse the news coverage that Peyton Manning's death receives.

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