Monday, February 05, 2007

Global warming and the ice age of 2007 - Twilight Zone

This week's frigid weather throughout most of North America comes on the heels of the UN conference on global warming, at which the UN bureacrats repeated the official story that (1) the Earth is getting warmer and (2) that western countries must surrender their basic industries.

The global warming faithful display no shame or remorse no matter how much bitter weather the world must endure.

The sequence of events the past few days remind me of the Twilight Zone episode (Midnight Sun) in which the Earth was careening toward the sun, causing temperatures to rise, water to dry up and the people of the Earth to panic and resort to violence. By the end of the episode we find out that it was all a dream and that the Earth was not, in fact, careening toward the sun. In fact, the Earth was careening out of orbit away from the sun. The world was growing colder instead of hotter. The main character was delirious from the crisis and had dreamed up an imaginary warming scenario, much like the scenario that the UN dreamed up last week.

dreaming of unbearable heat - this is either the Twilight Zone character or a UN bureacrat

We all listened dutifully on Friday as Matt Lauer's teleprompter repeated the UN's global warming story. We woke up the next day to discover that a near ice age had descended on the United States and Canada. Wind chills are predicted to remain below zero. Schools are contemplating closing or delaying their opening as the week begins. Numerous schools have shut down throughout the Plains, Midwest and Northeast. Amtrak has curtailed passenger service in certain places.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Not only is the week significant for its extreme cold, this week and this winter will become a target for the MSM/DNC 's memory hole, as the MSM/DNC strives to make us forget the bitter cold that we experience so that we can get on with the business of solving "global warming."

I believe that much of life will begin to seem even more like a Twilight Zone episode, as the MSM/DNC attempts to make us forget significant events and believe things that contradict our own senses. The surreal world of the MSM/DNC lacks only the voice of Rod Serling narrating our nightmares and telling us that some strange fantasy is about to begin.

see previous - Winter of 1994

update - Alicia and the thickening icebergs.

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