Monday, January 22, 2007

"Global Warming", 1994, bitter temperatures and MSM/DNC propaganda

"Global Warming" has become an article of faith for the left and the MSM/DNC. Everytime we experience warmer than normal temperatures, we are reminded that the sky is falling, the polar ice caps are melting, and that we should watch Al Gore's movie. The MSM/DNC maintains this faith even when it is proven wrong, as it was during the 2006 hurricane season. When we experience bitter cold, as we inevitably do every January, the MSM/DNC stops talking about "global warming" long enough to avoid being laughed at while the bitter cold snap runs its course. Once the bitter weather is over, the "global warming" drumbeat continues as we forget the bitter temperatures that drove the MSM/DNC into silence for a few days or weeks.

One example that most of us have forgotten occurred in 1994. Thirteen (13) years ago yesterday, record low temperatures were established throughout much of Pennsylvania. These temperatures established records not just for January 21st, but for any date since records were established. Additional records were set in New England on that date:
record cold continued across the northeastern U.S. All-time record lows were established at the following locations in Pennsylvania: Allentown (15 below), Harrisburg (22 below), Wilkes-Barre Scranton (21 below), and Williamsport (20 below). Grafton, NH and Livermore Falls, ME both reported morning lows of 40 degrees below zero. Worcester, MA had its seventh day in a row with a morning low below zero to set a new record for consecutive days below zero.

In some cases, these records broke cold records that were set only the day before. January 20, 1994 saw unique records for cold in Pennsylvania and elsewhere:
frigid conditions persisted over the northeastern U.S. Rangeley, ME reported 45 degrees below zero for a morning low for the cold spot in the nation. First Connecticut Lake, NH dropped to a frigid 44 degrees below zero. Both Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH completed their longest stretch of subzero readings on record, with 52 and 56 consecutive hours, respectively.

Other frigid events occurred later (and earlier) that month. The entire page is worth reading.

My question is, did global warming start only in 1995? Is it that recent a phenomenon? If not, then how does the MSM/DNC explain January 1994, which was the coldest on record for Caribou, Maine and established various other cold records in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio and elsewhere? In fact, the MSM/DNC does not explain this history - it simply ignores it.

Numerous records were set also in other years throughout the beginning, middle and end of the 20th century. These records are inconsistent with the MSM/DNC's story, so it hopes we forget the past while it gins up hysteria for socialistic controls on the economy and the destruction of what is left of our basic industries. At the same time, the left threatens the careers of those in the meteoroligical industry who refuse to ignore facts and who don't follow the official MSM/DNC line.

All we can do is remember the bitter cold that we feel in our fingers as we hear the latest propaganda. Memory is one of our best weapons against the MSM/DNC.

Frankfort, Kentucky, 1994

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