Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The 2006 Hurricane predictions served their purpose

So it appears that the dire MSM/DNC hurricane predictions for 2006 have been proven false.

In the wake of 2005's Hurricane Katrina, the MSM/DNC was eager for more devastating hurricanes this year. The MSM/DNC was equally eager to bombard America with predictions for a dire Hurricane season to reinforce the MSM/DNC Katrina meme. It did not matter that scientists disagreed on the severity and cause of future hurricanes.

The MSM/DNC had its story and was sticking to it -

Hurricanes are caused by "global warming" and some policy of George Bush.

Constant doomsday scenarios for 2006 were intended to reinforce the urgency of the need to replace the Republicans at the polls. Those same doomsday scenarios were intended to remind the voters that Katrina's devastation was the fault of George Bush.

Hurricanes were supposed to impact directly 1 in 6 Americans in 2006. The Northeast was "staring down the barrel of a gun," as we faced storms of "historic" proportions.

The MSM/DNC needs Katrina the same way it needs Vietnam. MSM/DNC needed and wanted more hurricanes and more devastation. Hurricanes are nothing more than a strategy to the MSM/DNC, with the hurricane victims little more than pawns in the game. While one can't strategize with natural disasters over which man has no control, it is possible to use invented hurricanes and misleading predictions as the next best thing to actual destructive hurricanes.

Now that hurricane season has ended and none of these predictions have come to pass (in fact 2006 was the mildest hurricane season in a decade), the MSM/DNC cannot even manage an apology. It is not sorry. The MSM/DNC has gotten what it wanted. The hysteria over hurricanes has contributed to the election of an environmentalist extremist majority in Congress. The same MSM/DNC that could not have been more wrong about hurricanes in 2006 will now relentlessly push its agenda of continuing the de-industrialization of the United States with dubious "global warming" as the justification.

It is not sufficient that we point out the facts that disprove the MSM/DNC claims from earlier in 2006. Being right in hindsight is not good enough. We must deal with oncoming MSM/DNC hysteria campaigns. We must learn to discount and even ignore MSM/DNC memes and campaigns even before all of the facts are known. The MSM/DNC track record is that bad. By the time the facts are known for certain, it will be too late. In this case, the MSM/DNC chose a lie that could not be disproven until after the 2006 elections were over.

The MSM/DNC does not mind seizing power through a series of lies. By the time the lies are exposed, it will be too late to wrest that power back from the MSM/DNC.

We will undoubtedly endure bad hurricanes in the future. [The remnants of New Orleans are living on borrowed time and wasted federal dollars.] The MSM/DNC will be eager to seize upon and exploit future disasters, while issuing misleading predictions and overstated reports. We must steel ourselves now for the MSM/DNC propaganda onslaught just as future victims of actual hurricanes will someday board up their homes and businesses.

When dealing with the MSM/DNC the catch phrase must remain - "anything we do . . . . anything we see."

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