Monday, November 20, 2006

Flashback, 1986 Senate loss, Judiciary Committee, National Review

On December 5, 1986, National Review commented on the midterm elections, in which the Democrats retook the Senate from the Republicans:
So Senator Joseph Biden takes over as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. As a presidential aspirant, he will have to scream a lot less and appear statesmanlike. The Democratic victory means that Reagan judicial appointments will have at least marginally rougher going. Which, in turn, somewhat enhances the Supreme Court prospects of Senator Orrin Hatch, who would sail through any Senate committee. The rumor that Biden plans to reopen the Chappaquiddick case is clearly too good to be true. Of course, Teddy could always receve a presidential pardon, which would close the case forever.

This quote reveals a great deal of conservative naivite about future Democratic obstructionism, as "Bork" would not become a verb for another year.

Otherwise, it is amazing how little political analysis and the cast of characters have changed. it is hard to tell that this quote was written 20 years ago instead of today.

For more information on how the Republicans underestimated the extent of Democrat obstructionism in the Bork battle, click here.


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