Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winter of 2007 - bitter temps continue - Matt Lauer's teleprompter admits the obvious - Allegheny River freezes over - PP&L sets new record

This morning the Today show finally acknowledged the Winter of 2007 in a big way. The bitter weather was the top story. Meredith Viera's teleprompter used the word "unrelenting" to describe the cold. The correspondents' reports focused on Wisconsin, Chicago and Pittsburgh (among other places).

The reports noted that the Allegheny River had frozen over in what was described as an unusual event.

H/T Wtae TV

Other correspondents noted the bitter temperatures throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

The Today show segment never mentioned last week's fawning coverage of the UN "global warming" conference. In fact, the MSM/DNC has been somewhat muted on global warming for the past few days. The MSM/DNC relies on imagery, feelings, and emotions to make its points. The entire discussion of global warming is based on fear and feelings - not facts. The MSM/DNC can capture the hearts of the ladies who watch "The View" with its global warming stories so long as the temperatures are mild or hot. But that same tactic won't work if the nation is gripped by bitter cold. The pain of the cold air will override the fear emanating from the television. In fact, any attempt to promote the global warming agenda will create such an emotional disconnect in the hearts of the MSM/DNC faithful that the global warming meme will lose all credibility for the future. Global warming is like a bubble that will burst if its peddlers try to discuss it while the patsys are suffering from bitter cold. So the MSM/DNC carefully shelves this global warming snake oil until the bitter cold spell passes. The only problem is, the cold spell is taking its time in passing.

PP&L reported yesterday an alltime record for electricity usage for a single hour. The previous record was set during a recent summer. In other words, this cold spell has exceeded the electricity usage of any heat wave.

Meanwhile, parts of Pennsylvania endured their third straight day of school delays caused by the cold weather.

We are enjoying a weather-induced reprieve from the global warming hysteria as long as the cold spell lasts. I was hoping for the temperatures to warm up, but I can enjoy the cold a little longer if it means that the Today show teleprompters must shut up about global warming for a few more days.

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