Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bitter Winter of 2007 continues

As I sit in front of my TV just before dawn, I hear weather reports from around Pennsylvania and the Northeast. Most cities endure temperatures in the single digits or even below zero. Schools delay their opening for the second day in a row. There is no snow - the cold temperatures are solely to blame for the school delays. The temperatures are not as bad as they were during the Winter of 1994, but they are severe and they have endured without letup for days.

The time is long overdue for more of us to ignore the MSM/DNC orthodoxy regarding global warming.

Even Hawaii is enduring colder than normal temperatures.

In order to overcome this brainwashing, we have to remember this cold snap long after this winter is over. Especially this summer when the weather is hot and the MSM/DNC is pushing the global warming refrain without letup. Try an exercise. Stand outside as long as it takes for your fingers to feel the pain of the bitter cold. As your fingers endure the discomfort, remind yourself of the MSM/DNC story regarding global warming. This exercise may help steel you for the onslaught that will continue long after this winter is over.

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