Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Classics of Conservatism - part IX - "Blog" - Hugh Hewitt

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I just read "Blog" this month and discovered numerous items that increased my appreciation of the blogosphere.

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- Hewitt provides a brief history of Rathergate and other blogosphere milestones.

- More importantly, Hewitt discusses ways that each of us can use the blogosphere as a business model or to promote our hobbies, school, church or other organization.

- Hewitt acquaints the reader with the concept of "swarming."

- Hewitt shows how the blogosphere, Rathergate and related events are just as momentous as the Reformation.

- Hewitt shows how blogs can be useful in the coming Supreme Court battle (pp. 103, 148).

Throughout the book, the reader obtains a strong sense of the historical nature of today's events, particularly media related events.

On page 171, Hewitt discusses a topic that I cover as #21 in the bias categories list - White Noise - the habit of the MSM/DNC to discuss irrelevant topics so as to distract attention from the real issues of the day. Hewitt goes into some depth on this phenomenon and uses it to explain some of the blogosphere's success.

On page 216, Hewitt quotes one of his reader's accounts of a Dan Rather episode from the 1980's, in which Rather claimed that an "American died in Nicaragua when his helicopter was shot down during an attack on a school." Without going into great detail, suffice it to say that the reader did his own research and discovered the hidden truth about this event and how Rather twisted it to appear that the American military was attacking school children. Despite all that we have learned about Rather, it was still surprising to see yet one more example of his perfidy.

For those looking for a history of the early blogsphere/new media years, this book deserves a place alongside the Drudge Manifesto.

After reading this book, you will be excited about blogging and will enjoy renewed interest in your own blog activities.

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