Saturday, July 09, 2005

Rathergate Anniversary - 61 days and counting - a new front on the Supreme Court war

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The blog explosion that followed Rathergate makes it possible to achieve even greater things in the blogosphere. The Supreme Court nomination battle offers tremendous opportunity to learn and thoroughly dissect the process so that we will not be surprised by leftist judges masquerading as Republicans. We can also more easily discredit lies directed against conservative nominees:
What is coming soon - perhaps even in the summer of 2005 - are clashes between competing blog camps. The perfect interblog storm is brewing and will break when the next Supreme Court nominee is sent from the White House to the presidency (sic??).
In fact, all future Supreme Court nominations are going to ignite blog wars as poliblogs of the left and right scramble to analyze, categorize, canonize, or demonize at least the next few nominees.
p. 103

Anita Hill would not have lasted a weekend with the new media on her case. But a flawed nominee will melt more quickly than a Popsicle in Vegas in July.
p. 148

Hugh Hewitt, "Blog."

The battle is beginning even before the nomination is announced, as George Bush has endured numerous warnings against nominating a moderate and squandering his mandate and legacy.

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