Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why diligence on our borders is important

The attacks in England today should be remembered everytime the immigration issue arises. Everytime we hear of the Minutemen or any other current scapegoat, we should remember how important we must view the job of protecting our borders. The terrorists in Europe (and in the U.S.) have a large Islamic population in which to hide and recruit. It is much harder to ferret out the active terrorists among such a large Islamic community. Those who committed the London bombings have already disappeared into London's Islamic neighborhoods and mosques.

Glimpses of our own future can be gleaned from previous items that are now forgotten. Michelle Malkin pieces together some of these items, including a 1997 NYC subway plot, a May 5th Manhattan bombing, the Chechen connection and some incidents in 2004.

Debbie Schlussel writes about additional lapses in our Homeland Security/Immigration policy/personnel.

Jerome Corsi lays out the scenario for a nuclear attack in New York.

Immigration/culture issues have consequences.

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