Thursday, July 07, 2005

Let's stay focused

We should remain confident that the authorities are handling the terrorist attacks in London and doing all that they can to prevent more attacks (with the major exception of reducing immigration and preserving the culture of the host countries). We are in our own crisis here with the upcoming Supreme Court nomination. I suggest that we, as bloggers, remain focused on that battle. A bad decision now by President Bush may kill any hope to rein in the runaway federal government for another generation. We have only a few days left to influence the nomination.


1) Reagan's decision to appoint Kennedy in 1987 resulted in the Kelo decision this year.

2) Ann Coulter reviews the consequences of Reagan's "biggest mistake":
Every human being on the globe has heard the lachrymose tale of O'Connor being offered the job of secretary after her graduation from Stanford Law School. Bushmen in Africa weep at the unfairness of it all — though not as bitterly as O'Connor does.

O'Connor spent the last quarter-century paying America back.

The MSM/DNC won't delay its own fight for a "moderate" court appointee - even in the wake of the London attacks. We should not delay either.


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