Saturday, July 02, 2005

We have one week

The White House has stated that George Bush will not decide on the next Supreme Court nominee until he returns from Europe on July 8th. We have until then to make the case that we do not need another moderate.

-) Had Robert Bork been confirmed in 1987, the Kelo vote would have gone the other way.

-) The Kelo case must serve as our rallying cry. Conservatives are united against it and leftists won't touch it, relying instead on the MSM/DNC to (1) ignore the identity of the majority that made the decision, (2) insinuate that Kelo was somehow non-idealogical or (3) was the product of a "conservative court."

-) The Democrats will fight whoever Bush nominates, so he might as well retain his base. If he appoints a moderate, Bush' base will abandon him and his legacy will be little better than his father's. He is in for a fight, so he might as well keep his allies on his side.

-) Janice Rodgers Brown was recently confirmed by a large margin. If he appoints Brown to replace O'Connor, it will look a little funny, but the Democrats and "moderates" will be hard pressed to vote "no" after so recently voting "yes."

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