Wednesday, June 29, 2005

MSM lie # 31 of 2005

Click here for the entire list.

Yesterday, several observers noted that AP published a report (speaking in the past tense) on President Bush' speech that had not yet been delivered. H/T LGF and Michelle Malkin. In fairness, it is possible that the White House released an advance copy earlier in the day. But it doesn't matter, since AP saw fit to attack and spin the speech before Bush even delivered it.

See ## 6, 18 and 21 for similar instances of MSM/DNC outlets publishing stories in advance of the actual events. Even when AP or CBS does not receive an advance copy (as in the Bolton hearings), they follow their own pre-conceived script.

I would suggest that the Bush White House stop releasing advance copies prior to Bush' delivery, so that the MSM/DNC will have a harder time spinning the speech. Or, the White House could leak copies of a DIFFERENT speech to help MSM/DNC embarrass itself [not that it needs much help].

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