Saturday, June 25, 2005

Rathergate Anniversary - 75 days and counting - they aren't buying the Gitmo spin.

First of all, I hate polls. Polls are unreliable and are constantly used as a tool by the MSM/DNC. Polls are useful to the MSM/DNC even when the outcome temporarily favors those opposed to the MSM/DNC.

My mistrust of polls notwithstanding, it is interesting to note the recent Rasmussen poll that shows an overwhelming number of Americans [even Democrats] aren't buying the MSM/DNC Gitmo spin:
A Rasmussen Reports survey found that 20% of Americans believe prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have been treated unfairly. Seven-out-of-ten adults believe the prisoners are being treated "better than they deserve" (36%) or "about right" (34%).

The survey also found that just 14% agree with people who say that prisoner treatment at Guantanamo Bay is similar to Nazi tactics. Sixty-nine percent disagree with that comparison. This helps explain why Illinois Senator Dick Durbin apologized for making such a comparison.

I am a little disheartened that only 36% believe the prisoners are being treated better than they deserve. If the poll is accurate, 14% of those polled are beyond the reach of rational discourse. That number, while low, is disturbing. It should be zero.

That the results are as good as they are is attributable to the blogosphere. We have kept the pressure on Durbin, Newsweek and all of the other MSM/DNC outlets. The MSM/DNC attacks have fallen largely on deaf ears over the past few weeks.

Our victory (for the time being) over the anti-Gitmo MSM/DNC is another occasion to celebrate the Rathergate anniversary.

James Lileks has more on Gitmo.

Check out a recent post to help explain the significance of the Rathergate anniversary countdown.

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