Monday, July 18, 2005

Some thoughts on Mecca, the Kaaba Stone, Tancredo, Malkin, and the Captain

Kaaba stone at Mecca

Mecca is to Islamic terror what Japanese factories were to the Japanese war effort. Islam has no manufacturing or traditional military targets. Those who think only of traditional military targets are mired in the previous generation's war - the mistake of every failed general.

Belief in literal, fundamentalist, radical Islam is the terrorists' weapon for enlisting suicide bombers. Mecca is the Islamic "production center", the Islamic engine of war, the Islamic arsenal, the Islamic industrial base. The analogies go on.

I am not saying we should nuke Mecca, but we must stop thinking of the Kaaba stone as we think of the Vatican or a church or shrine. Our approach must change in some fundamental way NOW - not after the next terrorist attack.

The Captain and Michelle Malkin weigh in.

So do 1754 and Rottweiller.
A final thought - officials in China are gauging our reaction to Tancredo as they weigh their options for invading Taiwan down the road.


Another final thought.

A commenter from La Shawn's page made the following points:
There would be no need to nuke Mecca. All that is needed is to bomb the main mosque where the big meteor rock is stored that is worshipped once a year. This can be done in the middle of the night with a minimal, if not any, loss of life.

The reason why such an action is expedient is the fact Islamic superstition is tied to the promise allah allegedly made that no infidels (that is us) would ever destroy the mosque or desecrate the holy site. We have seen similar superstition with the whole flushing the Qur’an nonsense.

A surgical strike with 2 or 3, 2,000 lbs bombs, would show the false prophecies of the false god allah to be what they are, false and it would demoralize the beliefs of the jihadists. If allah cannot defend his own holy sites as he claimed he would, he is exposed as being the false god that he really is. Thus, there is no more a reason to make war; at least for a weak, defenseless god.

To place this in perspective, after WW2, General MacArthur insisted that the emperor go on Japanese national radio and renounce his claim as being a divine being. The reason that was necessary was because Japanese national imperialism was tied directly to the emperor who was the god giving the orders to make war. Once the “god” was exposed as false, the purpose for making war is gone.

This type of mentality is seen through out all of human history. The defeat of one nation was viewed as a defeat of that nation’s god. It demonstrated that the god was unable to defend the nation.

Hooray for Tancredo not being a girly man. Hewitt and the others criticizing him yesterday are an embarrassment and only demonstrate their myopic ignorance of Isalm in light of the historical facts. I can only wish Hewitt will educate himself.
The one bit of advice I would give Mr. Tancredo would be to clarify his comments in light of what I wrote above. Draw back on the nuke comment and talk about the destruction of the main mosque


update - We have apparently offended the right people.

Here are a couple of additional things at which they can take offense.

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