Monday, July 18, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 52 days and counting - Thomas Sowell's experience in the pre-Rathergate era.

It is hard to appreciate the full potential of the blogosphere unless we revisit MSM/DNC atrocities of the past. Thomas Sowell's autobiography "A Personal Odyssey" provides several examples where the blogosphere would have prevented the MSM/DNC from getting away with spreading rumors and memes.

Dr. Sowell is an economics professor and noted free market advocate who has attracted his share of MSM/DNC attacks over the years, especially after his books and articles began to gain some publicity:
The worst of all the reckless misrepresentations came in a broadcast by CBS news reporter Lem Tucker, who said that my position "seems to place him in the school that believes that maybe blacks are genetically inferior to whites." Staggering as it was to suggest that anyone was saying that his own race was genetically inferior, it was still more staggering to suggest such a thing after I had written against that argument as often as I had.
page 189

This particular example involves an easily disprovable lie, but Thomas Sowell lacked the platform to convey the truth to a wide audience. In the early 1980's, we could not compete with CBS. After considering and dropping the idea of a lawsuit, Dr. Sowell provided CBS with copies of his writings that disproved the reporter's race-baiting attack. Dr. Sowell does not say whether CBS issued a retraction.

Had this happened today, any major blog that picked up on the story would have started a mini-scandal much like the ones we have seen over the past year.

There are more examples in Dr. Sowell's book, particularly as they relate to the upcoming Supreme Court battle.

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