Sunday, July 17, 2005

MSM Lie # 33 - L.A. Times, David G. Savage and "white men"

[correction - this lie is #34 - not #33. Sorry].
Patterico has noticed what will become lie #33 [34] on the list of MSM lies of 2005.

The L.A. Times false asserted that the list of leading candidates to replace possibly retiring Justice Renquist contained only "white men." This account was contained in the print version and was fictional.

The Times then changed its online version to airbrush the word "white" out of the sentence without acknowledging the error in the print edition. The print edition has yet to be corrected and the online version has yet to acknowledge the original "error."

This is a two-for-one lie - the print lie and the online airbrushing.

Is it any wonder that race relations in this country have reached their present state?

H/T also to Michelle Malkin.

This is L.A. Times' fourth item on the list, having previously contributed ## 6, 22 and 25.

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