Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 54 days and counting - Blonde Sagacity Anniversary

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Today is Blonde Sagacity's (otherwise known as Alicia) one year blogiversary.

Alicia's blog is one of my favorites. It is witty, fun and full of great photos and information.
Unlike me, Alicia is not a "child of Rathergate," having started her blog two months before Rathergate broke.

I have been attributing much of the blogosphere explosion to the Rathergate scandal, but Blonde Sagacity is somewhat of an anomoly. Unlike other conservative blogs, Alicia's blog actually decreased in traffic during the Rathergate scandal. But that decline appears to be attributable to her ten day absence during that month and the fact that she didn't write much about the scandal during that time.

Happy Blogiversary, Alicia!
Update - Alicia has added the following to her post today:
Salt asked why/how I started blogging and I guess I should have included that... JR read an article about a since defunct Milblogger named Levi in People Magazine. From his site we found Buzz (CBFTW). We started reading CB's site a few days after it started. I wanted to start commenting, but couldn't unless I signed up for Blogger. Some people figured out how to create a username without creating a blog -but I couldn't so I set up the site. You can see by my choice of user name that I never imagined anyone but JustRose reading it. I never intended to be ALLAH (which I wanted to be Ay-eL-Ay, but I know everyone says it allah in their heads) in the middle of the War on Terror...though now I like the irony of an infidel, conservative Allah... So that's how it started-- to comment on CBFTW's My War.

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