Sunday, November 20, 2005

Clinton believes the war on terror to be inconsequential

NewsBusters provides this quote from Bill Clinton at Clinton's Global Initiative conference this fall.
"[W]e have become arrogant in the present. All of us. Osama bin Laden's arrogant in the present. I mean, he really thinks it matters if he blows us up and kicks a few thousand American soldiers out of Saudi Arabia or whatever. And we really think it matters if we blow him up, more than how we all live and how people will be living 100 years from now."

This is a peek into how the Clintons would treat the war on terror should they retake the White House in 2008.

Bill Clinton hopes that we never catch on to the historic nature of events now unfolding in Europe and elsewhere. Clinton hopes that we miss the fact that a millenium and a half of European history is coming to an end.

Previous - The End of Europe as we Know it.

Clinton also hopes that we forget the long list of Islamic terrorist acts against the West so that the Left can continue to blame George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq for all such prior acts.
I wonder how this "so what" meme will come into play if the stories of Al-Zarqawi's death prove to be true.

The MSM/DNC's playbook is very rich, deep and flexible. MSM/DNC will scream with rage because we haven't yet won the war, but every victory along the way is met with a ready-made "so what?" [I wonder if Howard Dean has yet figured out whether the world is safer without Saddam Hussein.]

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