Friday, November 18, 2005

Congressman Murtha does it again

On May 6th, 2004 - six months before the Presidential election - Democratic Congressman Murtha stood side by side with Nancy Pelosi and declared that "we cannot prevail" in the war in Iraq.

Yesterday, Murtha once again read from a prepared statement and called for American troops to cut and run in the face of Al Qaeda.

Instead of pointing out that Murtha's position has not really changed, the MSM/DNC has predictably treated Murtha's prepared statement as some sort of epiphany or revelation. Reduced to its essence, the MSM/DNC position this morning is that we are supposed to flee from Al Qaeda because a Democratic Congressman said essentially the same thing he and Nancy Pelosi have been saying all along.

[If you wonder why I keep referencing Al Qaeda in this post, your own confusion on that point reflects the extent to which the MSM/DNC has caused you to forget who it is that is fighting American and coalition forces in Iraq. I will post more on that point later.]

Bryan Preston [guest blogging for Michelle Malkin] writes that Murtha "was against the war before he was against it." Follow Preston's links.

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