Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A real spy story: Chinese agents endanger U.S. aircraft carriers, submarines and electronics.

The Washington Times recently posted this story about a major Chinese spy ring that had operated in the United States for 15 years:
Key compromises uncovered so far include sensitive data on Aegis battle management systems that are the core of U.S. Navy destroyers and cruisers.

Officials said based on a preliminary assessment, China now will be able to track U.S. submarines, a compromise that potentially could be devastating if the United States enters a conflict with China in defending Taiwan.
Mr. Chi, an electrical engineer, also had access to details on U.S. aircraft carriers and once was aboard the USS Stennis. A Pentagon report made public earlier this year said China's military is building up capabilities to attack U.S. aircraft carriers.
China also is thought to have obtained information from the spy ring that will assist Chinese military development of electromagnetic pulse weapons -- weapons that simulate the electronic shock caused by a nuclear blast -- that disrupt electronics.
emphasis added

This news is quite sobering. War is now more, rather than less, likely as a result of the information that this spy ring stole. If you don't understand that point, stop wasting your time reading blogs and go back to watching Oprah.

This particular spy story has far greater implications for the future of all Americans (and the world) than the Libby case. Yet which story has received more attention from the MSM/DNC?

The MSM/DNC's lack of coverage thus far of the latest Chinese spy ring indicates that the MSM/DNC is having a hard time finding a way to blame Bush.

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