Sunday, November 13, 2005

MSM Lie # 49 - New York Times misrepresents Robert Novak's war views

Click here for the complete list of MSM lies of 2005.

In its continuing effort to achieve illegitimate mileage from the Libby indictment (what was that all about again?), the MSM/DNC has misrepresented Robert Novak's views on the war.

Novak's opposition to the war in Iraq is well known. Novak has become isolated from other conservatives because of these views. Yet the New York Times (registration required) refers to Robert Novak as a "conservative hawk" who sought to punish Joseph Wilson for Wilson's opposition to the war. In the Times' world of make-believe, Novak and the administration work together to silence critics of American foreign policy. NewsBusters has more details.

The Times needs to make Wilson into a martyr (in order to discredit our efforts at self-defense in the war on terror). It is easier for the Times to accomplish that goal if pro-war motives can be imputed to Novak. The Times has its story and it is sticking to it. The Times will not let truth get in the way.

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