Sunday, November 20, 2005

Michelle Malkin fights back against necklacing

I am always happy for an excuse to put an attractive woman's photo on my blog - and I hadn't seen this particular photo before.

And, btw, Michelle's post is good also.

Her post speaks for itself.

The left's strategy these days seems to be:

1) Lie about history.

2) Surrender (if you don't have to vote openly for it).

3) Necklace minority conservatives to keep them in line.

Michelle's post today focuses on part 3 as it applies to her.

With regard to her husband, she writes:
He started off as a Berkeley-born Dukakis liberal; I was a congenital conservative who helped him see the light.

[I feel safe in making this next statement because my wife doesn't read my blog.] Michelle would not have had to help ME see the light, but I suppose that is water under the bridge now.

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