Saturday, November 19, 2005

John Murtha believes that 9/11 never happened.

"Well, I say that the fight against Americans began with Abu Ghraib. It began with the invasion of Iraq. That's when terrorism started."

Congressman John Murtha - 11/17/05

[H/T Lifelike Pundits for the link to the PBS transcript.]

Over the past four years, we have been treated to numerous theories about what "really" happened on 9/11, including (1) the idea that Bush planned the attack in order to start a war for oil and (2) the belief that the attack was perpetrated by the jooooooos. [I don't have citations to those responsible for these theories. Check out the archives of Daily Kos or Howard Dean's hard drive if you are really interested.] We also heard from the left and the perpretators of the 9/11 commission that George Bush is at fault for failing to prevent the attacks. If only Bush had listened to Richard Clarke. . . .

But now we learn the real truth from Congressman Murtha. The 9/11 attacks never happened at all! Terrorism actually started in 2003 - not in 2001 or before.

For years the MSM/DNC has tried to erase the memory of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. embassies in Africa, the Achille Lauro, flight 847 and others. As I wrote on the anniversary of the Achille Lauro attack:
The MSM/DNC prefers to remain silent about this anniversary because it wants us to believe that terrorism began during the Presidency of George Bush - just like hurricanes.

Murtha has taken this strategy one step further by coming as close as one can to explicitly denying the existence of 9/11.
As Lifelike Pundits wrote:
These are the words of a liar or an idiot.

As I wrote on the anniversary of the embassy attacks more than four months ago:
The slightest emphasis on today's anniversary would destroy the MSM/DNC meme, which blames George Bush for all terrorism. Even the slightest mention of this story would remind Americans that terrorism began BEFORE the U.S. led invasion of Iraq.

For the benefit of the left and the MSM/DNC, here is a chronology:

(1) Global terrorism occurred many times over the past thirty or more years.

(2) We began to fight back, including the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

(3) The MSM/DNC began a relentless campaign to reverse the order of ## 1 and 2 in the minds of the public. That is a very difficult task. Judging from the last election, this strategy has worked with only 47% of the voters.

That task requires the MSM/DNC to bury many facts down the memory hole. The victims in Nairobi and Tanzania are mere inconveniences to be forgotten in the MSM/DNC's mad rush to play politics and rewrite history.

This never happened, according to "Decorated war hero" and Democratic "hawk" John Murtha

Update - Mudville Gazette posts an additional history lesson to counteract the left's revisionism. H/T Michelle Malkin.

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