Thursday, June 16, 2005

TWA flight 847 anniversary

Kudos to Debbie Schlussel for remembering the 20 year anniversary of TWA flight 847. I can recall the scenes on television day after day as western negotiators tried to "resolve" the situation. This hijacking occurred before anyone had the idea of resolving the problem by going into the Middle East and removing governments. We spent nearly thirty years attempting to deal with terrorism by negotiation, pressuring Israel, ignoring the problem, surgical strikes, working with our "allies", endless truces and treaties, nobel prizes for terrorists, etc.

This was the result:

20 years ago this week

While W's solution seems dangerous, costly (in terms of lives and money), naive and time consuming, no one has a better idea. Returning to the days of June, 1985 (or any other pre - 9-11 period) is out of the question. At least now we have something to show for our efforts. Compared to W's liberation of 2 countries and the opportunity to liberate others, what results did we achieve prior to 9-11?

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