Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ninth Circuit rules that Muslim indoctrination is acceptable in public schools

A year ago I posted an item about "Islamic methods for spreading their religion in American public schools." The most important part of the Islamic indoctrination in American public schools is the Muslims' long term strategy:
What is most dangerous about this indoctrination is the Islamic belief that once a person recites certain Islamic prayers, that person is a muslim, whether they intended to be or not. It does not matter, in the eyes of Islam, that the student did not understand or believe the prayer. If that person ever violates Islamic law -by marrying a non-muslim without clerical permission, for example, that person can lawfully (Islamic law) be killed as a traitor to the faith. It will be much easier for terrorists to rally their followers to commit mass murder in California now that thousands of children have recited certain Islamic prayers in public schools. The Islamist leaders will have much greater Islamic justification to rally their followers to commit acts of terror.
emphasis in original

Despite the inherent danger from continued Islamic indoctrination, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has given its permission to the dhimmis and muslims to push the indoctrination accelerator to the floor. H/T Jawa.

Even if the Islamic role playing in school creates no converts, Islamists are emboldened. Can't the school teachers in California at least warn the children of the consequences of reciting the Islamic prayers? Any school teacher that does not do so cannot claim to be concerned about the welfare of children (or any other noble sounding platitude). The teachers that lead the children to slaughter in this fashion are just as evil as a Congressman that denies the existence of 9/11 in order to advocate surrender in wartime.
11-21-05 update
Michelle Malkin posts more detail, including a recommendation for this book -

to counter the indoctrination.

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