Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Leading children to the slaughter

Little Green Footballs has linked to a comprehensive Daniel Pipes article that identifies Islamic methods for spreading their religion in American public schools. This infiltration affects every level from the universities to elementary schools.

This activity calls to mind islamic activities in public schools dating as far back as the immediate post-9-11 period. California public school 7th graders were subject to an intensive three week islamic course in the fall of 2001. Students were required to memorize Islamic prayers. Islam's violent history was whitewashed.

What is most dangerous about this indoctrination is the Islamic belief that once a person recites certain Islamic prayers, that person is a muslim, whether they intended to be or not. It does not matter, in the eyes of Islam, that the student did not understand or believe the prayer. If that person ever violates Islamic law -by marrying a non-muslim without clerical permission, for example, that person can lawfully (Islamic law) be killed as a traitor to the faith. It will be much easier for terrorists to rally their followers to commit mass murder in California now that thousands of children have recited certain Islamic prayers in public schools. The Islamist leaders will have much greater Islamic justification to rally their followers to commit acts of terror.

Rod Dreher has written about the Islamic influence on textbooks:
The Pacific Justice Institute's Dacus is not surprised to hear that kids come away from Across the Centuries thinking uncritically about Islam. Says Dacus: "That textbook would be a great recruitment tool for Islam for children, if that was the point of a 7th-grade education."

We can take some comfort in the knowledge that this indoctrination program resulted in litigation by concerned parents:
"I found 20 Islamic beliefs stated as fact," says Jen Schroeder, a reluctant but determined crusader and mother of two. "For my son to obey the school, he must disobey what the Bible tells him," she says.

With the help of the Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal organization defending religious freedom, Schroeder launched a lawsuit recently to remove the offending textbook from seventh grade classes.

I do not know the results of this litigation, but definitely much work is left to be done in cleaning up our schools.
Wednesday night update

Almost as if to prove my point, a California school administrator has banned the Declaration of Independence in her elementary school because it refers to God. Also banned are certain writings of George Washington, William Penn, John Adams and Samuel Adams.

Wizbang has posted on this story also.

Certain California schools are safe for Allah, but not Goerge Washington.

Are the leftists trying merely to parody our warnings? Are they just trying to make fun of conservatives? Conservatives turn to scrappleface for political humor. The left uses actual laws and policies.

It won't seem so funny when the next generation of voters knows nothing about freedom and votes accordingly.
Thanksgiving day update

Truth, Lies and Common Sense provides the contact information for the school officials that have banned the Declaration of Independence:

Stevens Creek School
10300 Ainsworth Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 245-3312

Patricia Vidmar, Principal
(408) 245-3312 x 110
Fax (408) 245-7484

Part of the Cupertino Union School District:
10301 Vista Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 252-3000

William E. Bragg, Superintendent


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