Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Republicans vulnerable on immigration

Michelle Malkin has posted two items today that focus on the immigration issue.

It appears that Mexico is pulling a "France" for Iran.

Also, it appears that Hillary is trying to triangulate the immigration issue. She has broken with leftist orthodoxy and advocated tough measures to oppose illegal immigration. Of course it is only an act, but it might soften the Republicans' support in certain key red states. New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas and Arizona may be vulnerable and are affected by illegal immigration.

This issue has broad grassroots appeal. This appeal existed even before 9-11 and will only get stronger. Bill Clinton aired television commercials in Colorado promoting his strong (pretend) immigration crackdown five months before the 1996 election. I believe Bush I and Dole lost Colorado.

Someone smarter than Kerry can peel off a few red states if the Republicans don't start playing it smart soon.

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