Sunday, November 21, 2004

Notes from around the blogosphere

Here is a summary of some posts from friends of the Cassandra Page.

Right Wing Sparkle has linked to stories of the insurgents in Iraq who have played possum before killing U.S. Soldiers.

Blonde Sagacity has recounted the story of President Bush rescuing his secret service chief this weekend opposite the story of John Kerry cussing out his secret service agent after the snowboarding incident last winter. Comparisons and memory are essential elements of the new media - especially since stories like this tend to disappear down the memory hole in the old media.

Also check out this one from the same blogger, in which she presents several areas where Republicans are vulnerable to moderation tendencies.

G-Man posts this item that summarizes numerous worthwhile stories, including an update on the status of the Al Qaeda leadership.

Digital Brown Pajamas has a new look and a post about a raid on domestic terrorists in the U.S.

Right on Red reports on a "dead" insurgent that shot at Marines in Iraq.

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