Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Future of Europe

The wave of Islamist violence that has swept parts of Europe and spurred a violent backlash was the inevitable result of decades of failed European policies. Asia Times sums up what Osama might have said about this on his latest video:

In half a century the number of Europeans will fall by 50 million, because the Europeans no longer love life enough to bring new life into this world. Three hundred and twenty years ago a Muslim army stood before the gates of Vienna, and Europe barely escaped conversion to the true faith at swordpoint. During the next half-century Muslims will wander into Europe and replenish the half-empty towns with people, and the sound of children's voices once again will be heard - but in Arabic.

The Europeans could not have expected that decades of lax immigration policies and their own low birthrates would occur without consequences. Conquest by immigration does not happen peacefully. It is accompanied by violence, as the leaders of the immigrant masses must maintain discipline in their ranks and prevent assimilation. They can accomplish this only by ratcheting up the violence as their numbers grow. We have seen only the beginning of the violence that most likely will precede the Islamization of Europe.

The only question is, can America be far behind?

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