Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winter of 1994, February 11th, 1994; February 11th, 1983

I have previously written about temperature records set during January 1994. On February 11, 1994, the northeast, still reeling from the destructive weather that occurred in January, was blanketed by a heavy snowfall:
the northeast was in the middle of its second heavy snowfall in 3 days. 18 inches of snow fell at Newark, New Jersey, after receiving a foot just a few days earlier. Snowfall was very heavy over southeastern Massachusetts, with 18 inches at New Bedford and Hyannis.

Here is one person's observations on that storm:
The forecast for FEB 8th was for light snow to begin around 8AM and be light throughout the day.with 1-2 inches by the evening rush hour.Heavier snow overnight would accumulate 4-6 inches before changing to rain.

I went to work and sure enough at 8AM it started to snow. I knew something was wrong as I drove to my next client at 9AM.......snow was falling heavy now. I cancelled my appointments for the day and let my boss knew by voicemail.where she said "its not snowing here in Suffolk just dont feel like working"

I went home.and the snow rates kept increasing. By 10AM the snow was coming down at 3" per hour and there was lightning and thunder...the temps dropped from the upper 20s to 12.By 1PM.I measured 1 foot at my house.The snow was lighter by now.and even was mixing with sleet.
My boss called later that night and said that her windshield wipers had broken from the ice buildup and it took her 8 hours to get from Western Suffolk to Western Nassau (about 20 miles) A second wave of precip enveoped the was sleet where we got 3 inches of the was powdery.

it sleeted and snowed on the 9th another inch.and the forecast for the 11th was for sun with a storm well south of us.

Then the forecasting fun began

on the 10th it was sunny.the forecast for the 11th was now cloudy.but no snow

then it was for a dusting

then an inch

then 1-3 inches

2-4 inches

3-6 inches

4-8 inches

then it was realized that we were going to see another foot.

Friday FEB 11th 1994 the snow started around 4AM.and by 8AM it was coming down at 3" per hour.We ended up with another 13 inches here.

I suppose that Ellen Goodman would call this person a "holocaust denier."

As I recall, one day later, a large warehouse collapsed in Dorney Park (near Allentown, PA) from the accumulated snow and ice of the Winter of 1994. The resulting damage was measured in the millions of dollars. [This collapse was one of many collapses that winter.] [Because the collapse occurred at night, no one was hurt.]

Something worse happened on February 11th, 1983:
the "Megalopolitan blockbuster snowstorm" dumped one to three feet of snow from Virginia to southern New England. New all-time 24 hour snowfall records were set at Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown, Pennsylvania and at Hartford, Connecticut. Allentown and Hartford both recorded 5 inches of snow in one hour. Glen Gary, West Virginia reported a total of 35 inches of snow. Winds gusted to 72 mph at Chatham, Massachusetts.

When exactly was global warming supposed to have started?

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